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Grain Weigh Filling Machine

Through more than a year of technical research, we have upgraded our weigh filling machine to make up for the defects and deficiencies of the original product. This weigh filling machine is our patented product that takes a leading position in China. It is the third generation of our product adopts double electric scales and feeds materials automatically. It features low temperature resistance (-30 ° C), automatic feeding, compact structure, easy movement, high accuracy, high stability, low energy consumption, no noise, long life (3-5 times as long as the original machine), low failure rate, high efficiency, etc.

DCS-200KG weigh filling machine is mainly composed of 4 parts, including automatic weighing scale, conveyor, sewing equipment and computer control system. It features a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, smooth running, energy conservation, easy operation, fast weighing, accurate measurement etc.
The main machine adopts rapid gravity filling technology. The advanced frequency conversion technology is adopted for feeding measurement. The advanced digital frequency control technology and anti-jamming technology help to achieve automatic compensation and correction.

Technical Parameters
Weighing range 60-200kg
Weighing precision 0.2 class
Packaging speed 10-12 bags/min
Power supply AC220V10% 50Hz10%<1kw
Air source 0.4-0.8Mpa 0.3m3/min
Environment temperature -15℃-45℃
Power supply of conveying and bag sewing machine AC380V three phase 1.5kw

The weigh filling machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of a variety of granular materials, such as corns, soybeans, wheats, millets, sorghums and other grains and animal feeds.

Operating Instruction
Power on the machine and wait until the computer is stable. Press A key and B key for zero clearing, then press the start button to start work. When the last bag is about to be filled, press the stop button and place the bag. Then manually unload the materials on both A scale and B scale and power off the machine. When a sudden power failure occurs during the normal work, the emergency power will work automatically. At this time, the computer is out of power, so the residual materials on A, B scales should be unloaded manually. Method: twist the rotary switch and place the bag to conduct manual unloading. After unloading, twist the rotary switch to the original position.

The weigh filling machine is our self-developed mechatronics that adopts advanced instrument and PLC control technology. It features precise weighing, fast packaging, stable operation, high reliability, simple operation, and other advantages. Our weigh filling machine has awarded type approval certificates for weighing instruments and licensing of the manufacture and repair of measuring instruments issued by the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. This machine is well received by various users for its high technology and excellent quality.

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