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Color Sorter Information
    1. CCD Advantages

      With the most advanced and the most mature CCD technology, Yihe-Chem was the first company in China that developed high-resolution CCD wheat color sorter in 2001. Now, our CCD color sorters are the most stable machines on the market.

    1. Color Sorter Components

      Camera - Leading in the Industry
      The lenses are customized by an international top-class lens manufacturer in accordance with our technical requirements of CCD color sorter.
      In China, we are the first trend-setter to apply the RGB True Color into CCD.
      The highest resolution reaches up to 0.0225mm2

    1. Color Sorter Safety Precautions

      When unpacking for inspection, please pay attention to your personal safety. Be careful to avoid unnecessary damages and make an inventory according to the detailed list. After unpacking, please store it in proper place to avoid losing.

    1. Color Sorter Maintenance Guide

      Check pressure; readjust if the gas circuit is too far away from the sorter
      Clean and open the pipeline by cleaning or replacing the filter element

    1. Customer Examples

      At present, Yihe-Chem adopts the high-quality optical imaging lens, the world's advanced image sensor featuring 256 - 2048 multiple pixel high-speed linear scanning. With international advanced DSP + FPGA technology, powerful computing power and flexible processing capacity, Yihe-Chem develops the rice color sorter, cereal color sorter, tea color sorter, bean color sorter, nutlet color sorter, seed color sorter, CCD belt color sorter and other sorters for agricultural and sideline products and industrial color sorters for salt, plastic.