CCD Advantages

With the most advanced and the most mature CCD technology, Yihe-Chem was the first company in China that developed high-resolution CCD wheat color sorter in 2001. Now, our CCD color sorters are the most stable machines on the market.

Yihe-Chem has independent intellectual property rights for the ADR2 full spectrum double CMOS color sorter that we developed in 2007. It can detect more precisely the color of the materials, so it is suitable for the materials with weak chromatic aberration, like millets.
In 2008, Yihe-Chem began to use high-quality LED as light source while eliminating the fluorescent lamps with short service life and poor stability. The illumination and the background are realized by different LED light sources, thus reducing the cross-interference and enhancing the performance of color sorter.

At present, our ADR5 series color sorter represents the highest level of current color selection technology. It can be applied to the materials of any color.

The 300 thousand pixel VGA color array CCD technology developed independently by Yihe-Chem will be the development direction of color sorters in the next few years. With this technology, the sorters can sort the materials not only according to the color, but also according to the shape and the size. This technology is a breakthrough innovation in the sorter industry.