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Pneumatic Grain Conveyor

The pneumatic conveyor is an advanced material handling machinery. It is not only compact and flexible, but also fast and convenient to assemble. Through a simple combination, it can be used to for positive pressure conveying, negative pressure conveying or comprehensive conveying. Horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and vertical conveying are all available. The pneumatic conveyor is used for conveying unhusked rice, rice, wheats, corns, soybeans, sorghums, barley malts, plastic particles and resin particles and other granular materials. It is always seen in the granaries, farms, stations, docks, food processing factories and brewing factories. It is used for loading, unloading and conveying during the storage and production process. The pneumatic conveyor conducts also cleaning and drying, while conveying.

The pneumatic conveyor is a new type of agricultural and industrial machinery, suitable for conveying grains, plastic particles and other granular materials. The granular materials are conveyed pneumatically. The tubular structure enables the horizontal, inclined and vertical transport of materials. With the big and small wheels, it is simple and convenient to operate. The pneumatic conveyor can complete alone the conveying.

The pneumatic grain conveyor is applicable to loading, unloading, transferring and other operations in farms, docks, stations, grain depots, etc. It is also suitable for loading, conveying and unloading of bulk in the feed processing and beer brewing industries. Pneumatic conveyors can work alone, combine with each other or combine with other machines for meet the needs of different industries. With flexible layout, easy movement, wide operation, large conveying capacity, it saves to a great extend the manpower and cost.

Technical Parameters
Model Power Air flow Pressure of draught fan Max conveying capacity Max conveying distance (m) Max suction distance (m) Max lifting height (m)
QH-10 11.75KW 1000m3/h 1500mmH2O 10t/h 50 10 12
QH-15 16.10 KW 1600 m3/h 1600 mmH2O 15 t/h 70 20 18
QH-20 23.10 KW 1800 m3/h 2200 mmH2O 20 t/h 100 30 20
QH-20C 23.10 KW 1800 m3/h 2200 mmH2O 20 t/h 100 30 20
QH-30C 38.50 KW 1800 m3/h 3300 mmH2O 30 t/h 140 50 30

The pneumatic conveyor saves labor. It has high efficiency and can transport the materials to the designated place. In addition, drying and dedusting can be carried out by the conveyor.

Because of the large pipeline pressure, the pneumatic conveyor is not suitable for thin and brittle materials.

According to the conveying method, the pneumatic conveyor is divided into two types. One type combines both suction and conveying functions, the other has only suction function but no conveying function. The former sucks the grains in to the conveyor. The grains are separated from the air with a separator and then discharged into the warehouse or truck with pipeline and discharger. The latter sucks the gains into the conveyor. Then the grains pass through the separator and the rotary valve and free fall to the exit of the rotary valve. The grains will fall on the ground or into the conveyors connected to the rotary valve. They can be also directly packed into the bags.

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