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Mobile Telescopic Grain Conveyor

This mobile telescopic conveyor is suitable for conveying grains into large grain warehouses. The machine can be placed into the warehouse. The grains can be stacked to the height of 6 meters. It can be also placed outside the warehouse for conveying grains through the window. It is equipped with travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism and telescopic mechanism.

1. The pile height can be more than 6 meters. There is no blind angle, which reduces the work of levelling the grain.
2. The pile height can be adjusted according to the height of the window.
3. The conveyor is equipped with an electric travelling unit for easy moving.
4. With hoisting mechanism, the conveyor can be tilted and put down on the ground when it doesn’t work.

Technical Parameters
Conveying capacity: 50 tons / hour
Installed power: 5.5KW + 1.5KW + 1.5KW
Height: 4-8.5 (m)
Conveyor weight: 2.5 tons

The mobile telescopic conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk grains or other bulk cargos into the single-storey warehouses the bulk or other similar warehouses. Working with a mobile conveyor, it can convey grains into the granary through a window while placed outside the granary.

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