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Color Sorter Maintenance Guide
Fault Cause Solution
Ejector leakage Dust inside the ejector Cyclic test of the ejector
The ejector has been damaged Replace the ejector
The ejector fails to operate. Poor contact between the plug behind ejector and the socket Re-plug, repair the poor contact position
Disconnection of the valve core Replace the ejector
Color sorting board has been damaged Replace color sorting board
Ejector with small spray
Dust inside the ejector Cyclic high frequency test of the ejector
Low air pressure Check pressure gauge and relevant air circuit
Material flying Big difference in temperature between the material and the material chute Adjust temperature of the chute to approximate that of the material.
Dust agglomeration Clean the chute with soft cloth
Chute with scratch Sand or replace it
Frequent operation for solenoid valve Wrong ejector Correctly select sort mode
Position of background plate is not properly set Readjust background plate
No color separation Low sensitivity Readjust sensitivity
Machine haven't been power on Power on the solenoid valve power supply
Poor color separation effect Dust on the sorting glass Remove dust manually by soft cloth
Incomplete color sorter Check or replace rubber strip
Poor separation effect of complete machine side Incomplete or poor ash removing for the rodless cylinder Adjust ash wiper and the ash wiping speed
Color sorter stops working frequently High sensitivity Readjust the sensitivity
Improper adjustment of background plate Readjust the background plate
Raw material with high quantity of impurity Reduce the yield
Color sorter is under pressure Check pressure; readjust if the gas circuit is too far away from the sorter
Frequent pressure protection Clean and open the pipeline by cleaning or replacing the filter element
Motor three-phase winding is damaged Replace the motor
A.C. contactor damaged or poor contact Maintain or replace A.C. Contactor
Thermorelay damaged or poor contact Maintain or replace thermorelay
380V power supply phase shortage Maintain charging line
Three-phase voltage imbalance Adjust transformer to achieve three-phase voltage 
Control switch circuit damaged or with 
Check the control switch and circuit