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Hydraulic Telescopic Grain Conveyor

Applications and Features
The hydraulic telescopic conveyor is a mobile and turnable conveyor lately developed by us. The conveyor is equipped with high-strength manganese steel rack, cleated conveyor belt, dynamic balancing device, flaw detection device, drive rollers, electric travel mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic lifting mechanism, beam front axle, 130 rear axle, gears and telescopic mechanism. The hydraulic telescopic conveyor is grain conveying equipment suitable for the bulk grains. It is used to store the grains in the warehouse. It can convey grains inside or outside the warehouse without moving any machine in the production line. It can convey the grains in any position within the range of ± 90°.

The conveying mechanism of the hydraulic telescopic conveyor can be customized according to the height or length. The dip angle is adjusted by hydraulic devices. One of the telescopic racks can adjust the transport distance. It can be equipped with automatic travel mechanism, grain jetting mechanism and telescopic mechanism. The steering wheels and driving wheels are with 6.5-16 car wheels. The whole machine is safe and convenient to move. It reduces the movement of equipment in the warehouse and solves the problem that wheels are buried under the grains. The hydraulic conveyor features the advantages of high strength, high output, easy operation, low energy consumption, etc. It greatly reduces the labor intensity. The whole machine is in line with the anti-dust and anti-explosion requirements.

The hydraulic telescopic conveyer includes automatic travelling, hydraulic lifting, telescopic conveying and other functions. It is suitable for bulk cargo in ports, wharfs, stations, coal mines, warehouses, construction sites, sand stocking yards, farms, etc.

The conveying mechanism of the hydraulic telescopic conveyor is telescopic in order to adjust the conveying distance according to the height or length. The front of the conveyor can be equipped with material jetting mechanism, while the end of the conveyor can be raised and lowered.

Technical Parameters
Model Capacity Conveyor belt width Conveying distance Lifting height Telescopic length Lifting height of conveyor end Dip angle
TDSZ 50~100t/h 500/650mm 10-18m 3.2-8.5m 0-4m 0-2m 0-22°
Conveying mechanism Telescopic mechanism Hydraulic mechanism Travelling mechanism
5.5/7.5kw 1.5kw 3.0kw 2.2kw
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