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Grain Separator Machine

The grain separator machine is for large grain reserve depots, rice warehouses, large-scale rice processing plants, etc. It features large output, advanced dedusting device and easy movement. It is a multifunctional machine, mainly used for paddy rice. (The screen bottom doesn’t deed to be replaced.)

Technical Parameters
Model Large
Power 2×0.75kw 1×5.5kw 1×2.2kw
Capacity 70-80t/h
Screen surface 1800×2000mm

The grain separator machine is composed of upper cylinder screen, lower vibrating screen and winnowing and dedusting device. The grains enter into the hopper, and automatically flow into the screen drum. After screening, the large impurities larger than the screen hole will be processed and discharged through the discharge port. The materials smaller than the screen hole will fall on to the vibrating screen. After vibrating, the small impurities smaller than the screen hole, like sands and other particles, will be processed and discharged through the discharge port. Then the light impurities will be taken away by positive pressure airflow through a discharge port. The cleaned paddy rice will be discharged from grain discharge port, and then conveyed into the warehouse. (Large impurities: straws, ropes and other impurities. Small impurities: soil, sands and small particles. Light impurities: burrs, dregs, dust and other light objects)

The separator is composed of 5 parts, including hopper, rack, transmission mechanism, fan and air duct. The rack is equipped with four wheels, which is easy to move. The screen and rack are split, enabling replacing screen meshes of different meshes.

The grain separator machine is an efficient grain cleaning and dedusting equipment, used for removing leaves, brans, dust and blighted grains and other impurities. The impurity removal rate reaches over 99%. The vibration motor features high frequency and small amplitude, while the screen body is rigid. The whole separator features compact and fully enclosed structure, low noise, smooth operation, high dust removal efficiency, easy and convenient movement, etc. The screen meshes can be replaced according to the size of grains, so that it can clean the different grains, including paddy rice, wheats, corns, soybeans, sesame seeds, rapeseeds and so on. This machine is applicable to foodstuffs, grain depots, grain reserve warehouses, starch production factories, animal feed companies and other companies for grain storage.

Application and Features
The grain separator machine is applicable for large and medium-sized reserve warehouses for removing more than99% of large impurities, red impurities and light impurities. It reduces the dust on the site, and greatly improves the working environment. It is conducive to the health of workers.

Working Principle
Place the grain separator machine horizontally, then power on the machine and turn on the switch. Ensure that the motor runs clockwise. Pour the materials into the hopper. Adjust the hopper bottom according to the size of the materials to ensure that the materials enter evenly into the upper screen. Meanwhile, ensure that the fan blows correctly to the discharge port. The air feeding port at the inferior of the fan can be connected to a bag for collecting light impurities.

The lower part of the vibrating screen is equipped with four bearings that are fixed of the steel channel in the frame and reciprocate. The upper screen removes the large impurities, and the lower screen removes small impurities. The screen is driven by the connecting rod and the crank axle or eccentric gear that is driven by the motor.

The grain separator machine features a novel and compact structure, smooth operation, strong durability, high screening efficiency. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the working efficiency. It is an ideal machine for food and oil warehousing, and is indispensable for pest control and mildew proof.

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