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Grain Handling Equipment
    1. Hydraulic Telescopic Grain Conveyor The hydraulic telescopic conveyor is a mobile and turnable conveyor lately developed by us. The conveyor is equipped with high-strength manganese steel rack, cleated conveyor belt, dynamic balancing device, flaw detection device, drive rollers, electric travel mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic lifting mechanism, beam front axle, 130 rear axle, gears and telescopic mechanism.
    1. Mobile Telescopic Grain Conveyor This mobile telescopic conveyor is suitable for conveying grains into large grain warehouses. The machine can be placed into the warehouse. The grains can be stacked to the height of 6 meters. It can be also placed outside the warehouse for conveying grains through the window. It is equipped with travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism and telescopic mechanism.
    1. Self-Propelled Grain Conveyor The grain conveyor has the functions of automatic conveying, automatic travelling, automatic steering, automatic lifting, manual telescoping, etc. With telescopic unit, the operator doesn’t need to move other equipment. This grain conveyor is your ideal equipment.
    1. Pneumatic Grain Conveyor The pneumatic conveyor is an advanced material handling machinery. It is not only compact and flexible, but also fast and convenient to assemble. Through a simple combination, it can be used to for positive pressure conveying, negative pressure conveying or comprehensive conveying.
    1. Grain Separator Machine The grain separator machine is for large grain reserve depots, rice warehouses, large-scale rice processing plants, etc. It features large output, advanced dedusting device and easy movement. It is a multifunctional machine, mainly used for paddy rice.
    1. Grain Cleaning Equipment The cyclone grain cleaning equipment is a multi-functional grain cleaner, used to remove leaves, hulls, dust, blighted grains and other impurities. The impurity removal rate for organic grains is 90%, and the impurity removal rate for inorganic grains is 92%.
    1. Hopper type Grain Cleaner The grain cleaner a multi-functional grain cleaning machine suitable for small and medium-sized grain stations. It is used for removing large, small and light impurities in the grains for grain storage. It removes leaves, brans, dust and blighted grains and other impurities.
    1. Grain Weigh Filling Machine Through more than a year of technical research, we have upgraded our weigh filling machine to make up for the defects and deficiencies of the original product. This weigh filling machine is our patented product that takes a leading position in China. It is the third generation of our product adopts double electric scales and feeds materials automatically.