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Self-Propelled Grain Conveyor

The grain conveyor has the functions of automatic conveying, automatic travelling, automatic steering, automatic lifting, manual telescoping, etc. With telescopic unit, the operator doesn’t need to move other equipment. This grain conveyor is your ideal equipment.

Technical Parameters
Output 80t-100t Grain loading power 7.50kw
Conveying power 3.00kw Travelling power 0.75kw
Lifting power 1.10kw Steering power 0.55kw

The grain conveyor is a kind of agricultural machinery used for taking bulk grains out of the warehouse. Matching with other conveyors, it can also be used for storing grains and loading grains on the trucks. It conveys grains in the range of 180 degrees. Now our latest multi-functional grain conveyor can be operated by only one operator. With automatic travelling, grain conveying, automatic steering, stretching, lifting and other functions, this grain conveyor has a higher efficiency compared to other models. It is simpler and more convenient to use.

1. Telescopic mechanism: After the grains are loaded, the telescopic mechanism extends to continue to the next step. There is no need to moving the equipment, saving your time.
2. Automatic steering mechanism: After the grains are loaded, the conveyor turns automatically, saving the labor force.
3. Automatic grain loading mechanism: It plays an important role in the grain conveyor and is mainly used for loading grains. It features large output, good effect, strong durability, low residual and other advantages.
4. Automatic conveying mechanism: After the grains are loaded on the conveyor, this mechanism conveys the grains to the truck. It saves both time and labor.
5. Automatic lifting mechanism: When loading the grains, the lifting mechanism moves from top to the bottom of the grain heap, causing no residual.
6. Automatic travelling mechanism: With this mechanism, the conveyor can move flexibly.

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