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Hopper type Grain Cleaner

The grain cleaner a multi-functional grain cleaning machine suitable for small and medium-sized grain stations. It is used for removing large, small and light impurities in the grains for grain storage. It removes leaves, brans, dust and blighted grains and other impurities. The impurity removal rate for organic grains is 90%, and the impurity removal rate for inorganic grains is 92%. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient movement, high impurity removal efficiency, low energy consumption, simple and reliable operation, etc. In addition, the screen can be replaced according to the specific needs for adapting to different materials. It is the preferred grain cleaner for grain management, grain and oil processing and grain reserves.

This grain cleaner is dedicated for tractor shovel. It is designed for removing impurities in wheats, corns and other crops. This grain cleaner is environment-friendly and space-saving and is easy to move. The optional split-type lifting system (screw conveyor or other conveyor is also available) is equipped inside the grain cleaner. The floating dust and light impurities will enter into dust collector. The sieve body and sieve box are placed separately at the top and bottom and move oppositely, in order to achieve the effective separation of light and heavy impurities. Thus, the purity is assured. The grain cleaner is mainly used for the removing wheat straws, wheat brans and the mildewed corns.

1. The enlarged wheel and widened wheel span improve the mobility and stability.
2. The feeding hopper is enlarged. The clutch and sprocket are added to adjust the feeding speed according to the working condition. The automatic feeding device is optional. It is easy to feed with large feeding amount. It features fast speed, high efficiency and reliable performance.
3. The drum screen that rotates in the opposite direction with the principal axis to get a perfect cleaning effect. It also saves power and improves efficiency.
4. The threshing cylinder is a combined axial cylinder. The threshing teeth and auxiliary teeth are on the same axle to complete excellent threshing and separation.
5. The fan shaft and threshing cylinder spindle are driven by belt. The belt pulleys can be changed to adjust the fan speed, in order to adjust the wind speed and effectively improve the grain cleaning rate.
6. The machine can thresh both corns with and without husks.
7. At the impurity discharge port of the threshing cylinder, two adjusting plates are installed for controlling the threshing quality.
8. The whole machine features advanced design, reasonable structure, simple operation and easy maintenance.
9. The machine can be equipped with single fan or double fans. 40 tons, 50 tons and 60 tons are available.
10. The hopper size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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