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Grain Cleaning Equipment

The cyclone grain cleaning equipment is a multi-functional grain cleaner, used to remove leaves, hulls, dust, blighted grains and other impurities. The impurity removal rate for organic grains is 90%, and the impurity removal rate for inorganic grains is 92%. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient movement, high impurity removal efficiency, low energy consumption, simple and reliable operation, etc. In addition, the screen can be replaced according to the specific needs for adapting to different materials. It is the preferred grain cleaner for grain management, grain and oil processing and grain reserves.

Capacity: 50t/h
Impurity removing efficiency: large impurities: >85%, small impurities: >40%
Grain content in screenings: <3%
Power supply: 380v three phase 50hz
Working temperature: -40c~-50c
Working humidity: 20%~99%RH

Technical Parameters
Model Dimension Fan power Dust removal power Motor power Production capacity
HYL-15 3040X1120X2300 1.5Kw 1.5Kw 1.5-6class 15-22T/H

The cyclone grain cleaning equipment is made up of a rack, 4 wheels, transmission mechanism, main fan, gravity separator, axial fan, elbow, air duct and screen box. The cleaning equipment is easy to move, and the screen is convenient to replace. It is equipped with a dust cover and an axial fan on the dust cover. The power of the fan is also enlarged. The equipment is more environmentally friendly to improve the working environment of workers and to eliminate the secondary pollution. For corn, the production capacity is 20 tons/h when the purity is 95%, and the production capacity is 16-20 tons/h when the purity is 98%. For soybean, the production capacity is 20-25 tons/h when the purity is 98%. Cleaning of different kinds of materials can be realized by replacing the screens. The cyclone grain cleaning equipment is really multifunctional, economical and environment-friendly.

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