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5XFZ-15BXC Grain Seed Cleaning Machine

Main Features
1. Advanced technology: The machine integrates the functions of air separation, gravity separation and vibration separation. The frequency of the gravity platform is controlled by a seamless electromagnetic process. In terms of the overall performance, this machine is one of the best in world.
2. High productivity: Featuring high efficiency and rapid processing, this machine is particularly suitable for processing and roasting operations.
3. Wide applications: The machine is ideal for cleaning melon seed (sunflower seed, water melon seed, honeydew seed, red water melon seed, etc.), beans, wheats, corn and rice grains and other grain-like materials.
4. Environmental protection: The machine is equipped with a cyclone duster system to remove dust and other light impurities.

Technical Specification
Productivity: 15000KG/h
Weight: 2500kg
Power: 9.6KW
Dimension: 6150X2150X3300MM

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