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PG-5D Bean Polishing Machine

Application of Bean Polishing Machine
The round bean polishing machine is suitable for a variety of beans. It provides a polishing process that can remove the dust and soil on the surface of beans, so that the beans can have a shiny and smooth surface, thus improving the level of commodity grains and leading to a higher price.

Features of Bean Polishing Machine
This bean polishing machine is equipped with a dust removal device, and is easy to use.

Special Feature
The dust removal function of this model is twice stronger than other models. It can work together with a fan which to collect all the dusts after the polishing. The double dust removal function would protect the beans from the secondary pollution of dust.

Specification of Bean Polishing Machine
Model PG-5 PG-5D
Capacity 5000 kg/h 5000 kg/h
Power 5.37 kw 6.8kw
Dimension (L×W×H) 3000×700×1500 mm 3100×750×1550 mm
Weight 450 kg 500 kg
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