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5XZC-5DX Grain Cleaner, Seed Cleaner

The primary part of 5XZC-5DX seed cleaner is the air-screen separator. It adopts a combination of air and screens to separate seed according to their size, shape and density. Our seed cleaners are available in various models with two to eight vibrating screens. The cleaning principles are as follows. The grains are fed into the hopper and evenly distributed by a feed roller. Then they are transferred through a controlled gate on the top sieve. During this process, the grains go through primary aspiration conducted by the air trunk to drain off chaff, straw, dust and deceased grains. After that, the materials pass through the sieving layer for separation according to their width and thickness. After the separation, the graded materials are conveyed to air sifter and aspiration chamber where the remaining light grains are sucked away by a strong upward draught of air. Finally, the qualified materials and the impurities are automatically discharged in separate chutes.

These machines are suitable for cleaning all types of grains and seeds in high efficiency. The gentle feeder and the belt guard provide efficient cleaning without causing any damage to the grains. The tyres of the machine can easily be replaced. Our 5XZC feed cleaner is specially designed for heavy-duty operation as it minimizes the operation cost.

Technical Parameters
Model Productivity Kg/h Power kw Weight kg Size L×W×H Sieve dimension L×W×Layer Remark
5XZC-5T 5000 12.74 About 1500 4970×1800×3050 2000×1000×3 With corn thresher function
5XZC-5BXC 5000 11.74 About 1800 4790×1800×3050 2000×1000×3 With wheat huller function
5XZC-5DX 5000 8.1 About 1750 4790×1800×3050 2000×1000×4 Environment friendly
5XZC-7.5DX 7500 10.1 About 1850 5430×2060×3200 2400×1250×4 Environment friendly
5XZC-10DX 10000 10.5 About 2100 4640×2350×3560 2400×1500×4 Environment friendly, big capacity
5XSF-7.5DX 7500 10.1 About 1900 5616×2267×3665 2400×1250×4 Environment friendly, third time clean

1. Robust machine made of all steel construction.
2. Cyclone aspirator fan.
3. Low level feed hopper equipped with feed control gate.
4. The special rubber ball can check sieve perforation clogging.
5. Stepless variable air controls.
6. Self-cleaning air chamber, sieve deck assembly and spouts
7. Belt guard.
8. The sieve reciprocating is achieved by eccentric and connecting rods.

Optional Accessories
Dust collector, air trunk, surge bin, feeding elevator.

The seeds/grains are fed into a feed hopper where they are evenly distributed by a feed roller. Then they pass through a controlled gate on the air sifter, so that the light grains are sucked away by a strong upward draught of air. Before falling onto top screen, the grains are subjected to primary aspiration to drain off chaff, straw, dust, deceased grains and other impurities. After that, they pass through two sieving layers for being separated according to width and thickness. The sieve perforations are kept clean by specially designed rubber balls. After sieving, the final products and the impurities are collected separately by different discharge chutes.

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