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Belt Conveyor Color Sorter

Features of the belt color sorting machine
1. Low breakage rate of the material
Belt type color sorter can dramatically lower the products’ breakage rate. The adoption of belt allows the materials to remain relatively stationary during transmission, which has contributed to eliminate the friction. In contrast, the chute adopted commonly by other types of color sorter lets the products slide down into the sorting area under gravity. During this process the materials will collide and rub against each other drastically, contributing to a high breakage rate.

2. Wide application
Comparing with common color sorting machines, whose chute is designed basing on products’ shapes and dimension, the belt color sorter is not limited by materials and is applicable in wider products.

3. Excellent sorting result
The belt transmission way allows the color sorter to run stably and contributes to color recognition.

4. Easy operation & high processing capacity
This belt color sorter is controlled via computer. It can bring the breakage rate to the minimum for some fragile materials like tea. We will have professionals to choose the most suitable sorting machine for you.