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Grain Color Sorter

This is a kind of multi-purpose color sorting machine suitable for dealing with products of multi colors. It can be classified into cereal color sorter, coffee bean color sorter, dried shrimps color sorter, seaweed color sorter, tea color sorter and industrial color sorter, etc. Our cereal color sorters are divided into various models separately for wolfberry, beans, melon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, barley, and tea, etc.

Features of the color sorter
1. It adopts CCD image sensor technology
2. Chutes of the sorter are available in U-shape, serrated, flat and many other types
3. Materials from as small as sesame and millet to as large as dried shrimps and kidney bean are acceptable to be sorted
4. Advanced measuring technique is adopted to precisely test the flowing speed of the material, ensuring an accurate sorting result
5. Both VGA plane array camera and CCD color sorter are adopted
6. Image processing and recognition technique is employed to conduct both color sorting and shape sorting