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Rice Color Sorter

ADR series rice sorting machine is the most mature upstream CCD color sorter on the market, among which the rice sorter for light yellow is an independently-developed one in Yihe-Chem. It is of high an excellent price/performance ratio. Our rice sorter is widely applied in sorting japonica rice, glutinous rice, hybrid rice, black rice, yellow rice, etc.

Features of the rice color sorting machine
1. This kind of rice color sorter is equipped with high-resolution CCD sensor and high-speed digital signal processing system
2. The high-power LED ensures a stable lighting result. Red and Blue light sources are used independently for lighting and background illumination to avoid the cross interference
3. The all-digital and modular design has enabled a stable and intelligent sorting process
4. The reliable MODBUS protocol makes the optical sorting machine suitable for harsh environment
5. Different sorting modes like positive and adverse selection are provided, and wide color options are available for the rice sorter
6. It possesses 128-704 groups of individual channels as well as an individual processing system, ensuring a large production capacity and perfect sorting result