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Precision CCD Color Sorter

This newly-developed dual-spectrum color sorting machine is an achievement of many years’ research and development of Yihe-Chem. For materials with certain colors, its sorting accuracy even exceeds that of the CCD color sorter. With perfect sorting effect and wide applications, it has now become a preferred color sorter enjoying the most popularity on the market.

1. Dual-spectrum color sorting machine is especially good at sorting materials with little color difference or with multi colors. Its capacity in distinguishing little color difference is superior to that of all of the rice color sorters on the market
2. It demonstrates excellent performance in sorting materials of light yellow
3. This color sorter represents a significant breakthrough in the rice color sorting field
4. Large production capacity
5. Besides excellent color sorting result, it is applicable in sorting many kinds of materials with various shapes and colors
6. It is especially suitable for large-scale enterprise